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One of the greatest metal bands to grace our world. No, they're not Christian. They're truth.
by Jason Voorhees October 25, 2003
Gods of metal. They own faggy pop-metal bands like Slipknot and Linkin Park. Their best songs are Episode 666, Jotun, Embody the Invisible, and Cloud Connected, and I have yet to hear a CD of theirs that is anything but excelence, even Reroute to Remain.
In Flames are fucking Gods of music, and wipe their asses with crap like Slipknot.

This is Episode 666.... Destination: Chaos!
by Jason Voorhees February 28, 2004
I must say, a truly great band. I saw them live the other day... I didn't normally listen to them live before that, but now I'm a big fan.
My third eye is blind... hmmm...
by Jason Voorhees August 21, 2003
Truly one of the greatest metal bands of our time. Far better thany any of this nu-metal crap, they combine heavy riffs and bellowings with a truly beautiful chorus that culminates in tunes that define true Goths with posers.
Their best songs are Fixation on the Darkness and When Darkness Falls.
Killswitch Engage had an excellent track, When Darkness Falls, on the Freddy vs. Jason soundtrack.
by Jason Voorhees October 24, 2003
Great hard rock band. A little slow, but they definately make you think about life.
by Jason Voorhees October 25, 2003
Formerly the greatest nu-metal band in the world, until Dave died. They're the closest to black and death metal Nu-metal will EVER get.
one, nothing wrong with me...
two, nothing wrong with me...
three nothing wrong with me...
by Jason Voorhees October 25, 2003
Along with Disturbed, probably the best Nu-metal band in existance. They hail from Brazil.
Best song, "How Can I Live"- Freddy vs. Jason soundtrack, Confessions
Ill Nino just arrived on the scene, but already are they putting out great music that totally destroys other nu-metal bands like Korn and Limp Bizkit.
by Jason Voorhees October 25, 2003
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