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1. Nut Tuckin is another word for T Baggin. It's when you dip your nuts in a girls mouth, kinda like dropping tea bags in water.

2. Nut Tuckin is also what transexuals do to hide their balls. Basically taping their equipment to their ass.
1. How about some nut tuckin later?

2. I was wanting to hit that, until i found out he was a tranny and was nut tuckin.
by Jason Stump July 12, 2006
The flowback of cum out of an ass or vagina.
Roger left a slurry for the next person to lick up.
by Jason Stump July 25, 2006
1. A woman that sleeps with more than one man in a short period of time.

2. A woman that sleeps with another person while married or in a relationship.
Becky was late coming home because she was out fucking Boogie. What a slut.
by Jason Stump July 25, 2006
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