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3 definitions by Jason Sanders

The best point guard in the NBA. Won the MVP last year and is well on his way to get it again this year.
Man did you watch the Suns beat down the Spurs last night... Steve Nash was dropping dimes left and right!
by Jason Sanders April 08, 2006
A very popular menu item at Taco Bell. It includes nachos, cheese, bean dip, taco meat, lettuce, tomatoes. In other words a perfect mixture of a bunch of stuff that makes the average person crap themselves.
Hey Jason, you haven't had diarrhea in awhile... wanna go to Taco Bell and indulge in an Nachos BellGrande?
by Jason Sanders May 09, 2006
"World's Greatest Network" The station is out of Chicago and is almost nation wide (about 2 thirds of the nation gets it). WGN airs Cubs, White Sox and Bulls games. They also air syndicated programs like... Home Improvement, Sex and the City, Matlock...etc. They also air movies.
God I hope the Cubs sweep the Cardinals tonite... It should be starting now, turn it on WGN.
by Jason Sanders May 21, 2006