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2 definitions by Jason Royle

A vigorous style of masturbation, where the person or persons performing said act tightly grip the head of the penis in both hands and hammer up and down the shaft as if they were flattening a mighty slab or steel.
I met this girl last night and after a few drinks she took me back to her place and laid down The Turkish Hammer on my cock... vicious!
by Jason Royle April 30, 2008
A anal stimulant, performed by a willing female at the exact moment of male ejaculation to invoke a involuntary spasm.
While receiving a blow-job the female pop's a finger into the males anus at the exact moment of ejaculation, causing shivers and an involuntary Boogaloo style dance... hence the statement the Boogaloo Finger.
by Jason Royle April 21, 2008