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Where New Yorkers come and live for the summer and or in retirement. The state that is in fact, the wealthiest state, but the old retired people refuse to put money into good causes. Where New Yorkers tend to not obey many of Connecticut's traffic laws, have no problem cutting you off, and still talk on thier cell phones while in the car. The area where "Raggies" are most prevalent in lower class towns.
My neighbors are from NewYork... They ask me not to plow thier snow because they like the "pristine" look. Until the Snowplow comes by later and totally ruins it for them.

My old school still looks like a war zone. Due to the old people voting "No" many times consecutively to raise funding for repairs

My towns firehouse loses funding because the old people deny funding.

These old people from connecticut are definately rich, and about to die soon, but they white-knuckle thier money
by Jason O June 23, 2007
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