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Term from "The Rock" of WWF wrestling. He calls himself "The People's Champ" and calls his penis "The People's Strudel"
"Do you want a taste of the People's Strudel?"
by Jason Law June 25, 2006
$10,000 for a kilo of cocaine.

This is a very good deal because kilos of cocaine usually run for $20,000 to $25,000.
"save up your money and find out who got 'em for ten a key" ~Juvenile
by Jason Law August 07, 2006
A term used to define actions taken by a nigga.
"yo bob was straight nigrish when he stabbed that fool down on 45th street."
by Jason Law July 22, 2006
The act of murder. Playing the murder game is something a murderer does.

"i layed the murder game down lettin' those niggas know we ain't fuckin around B" ~Paid In Full
by Jason Law August 07, 2006
strong (potent) Houston drink made from prescription cough syrup (and therefore thick like oil) also called drank or sizzurp
"Smilin', showin' off my diamonds sippin' on some poten' oil" ~Paul Wall
by Jason Law August 08, 2006
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