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3 definitions by Jason Hollowell

In online gaming and forums, a person who consistently fails at typing. This includes, but is not limited to: TYPING IN ALL CAPS, nevner correetcing typeios, neglecting to use punctuation (in cases where it is vital), and using excessive special characters!!!!!!!!!!@!>>>>!>>@!
Joshrcool: HAY WHATS TEH FASTERST WAY TO BEATT THSI BOSS MY GRUOP HASNT BEAT HIM YET??????????????????? <3333333333333 ANYONE THA THLEPS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mmopwnage: You fail, keytard.
by Jason Hollowell December 23, 2008
Learn to type.

Used out of frustration (usually in onling gaming) when reading someone's horribly typed chat text.
Joenimrod: when i sthe nex t expansntion coming ouat???

Mmopwnage: When you L2T, keytard.
by Jason Hollowell December 23, 2008
n. a person riding a skateboard, especially a longboard with soft wheels and loose trucks
"We almost got run over by a sidewalk surfer on the walk over here."
by Jason Hollowell June 06, 2007