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A deep primordial burp that tends to get caught in the throat causing a sound not unlike a typical swamp gator after consuming the mutated limb of some redneck.
After consuming a 12 pack of Old Milwaukee and eating three Mc Rib sandwiches, Adam let out the meanest Gator Burp I've ever heard!!!
by Jason Hilliker November 27, 2005
The farthest right lane on a highway or freeway. Originally coined in the era of bad cars such as the Ford Pinto and Yugo GVX. Unless you find the GVX with Porsche decals adorning it. This can also be called a Pugo so please note these distinctions.
My '91 Cavalier blew a head gasket causing me to use the Pugo lane.
by Jason Hilliker November 27, 2005
When an individual of known or unknown origins (especially an uncle) has too much beer to drink and blows a hot beer burp on you usually in a social situation. Has been known to cause brain damage in severe cases.
Jeff had too much to drink and blew "Old Milwaukee" on me. I think I threw up a little.
by Jason Hilliker November 27, 2005

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