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Wears tracksuits to the likes of Addidas and Nike, and wears footy shoes and sometimes wears socks really high up covering the bottom of their tracksuit trousers. Listens to trance type music, and has the worst ever attitude. Goes around looking for trouble, and always wanting to hunt down grungers and beat them up for no reason. Might have a ear piercing on the right side to either show that their gay, or a townie, or both in most cases. They are the reason why the UK is a badass place and a complete shithole full of violence and crime. Townies ruin everything.
Townie: Oi there`s a fookin grebby twat there, lets gow jump that stupid dick.

Grunger: Touch me and I`ll shove this knife in your fucking face and beat you all to the ground, and call up all the grungers to hoarde you all and rip your fucking teeth out.
by Jason Groombridge November 13, 2004

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