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Dating back to the 1700's, a ginsberg is someone who can disappear by simply covering their eyes, the mentality being if they cant see you, you cant see the. they are incredibly sexy and talkative.
Capps- Shut up ginsberg
by Jason Ginsberg April 22, 2006
Exclamation used to show extreme approval of a statement and or idea
"wanna go get some chinese food?" "Tollah!!!!"
by Jason Ginsberg November 17, 2006
A way for homosexuals to say something is cool. 1st used on some gay show on MTV
wow mom, ur cool as peaches
by Jason Ginsberg April 22, 2006
to get naked and have sex
sam better get naed tonigh
what are you doin in there? getin naed
u better not be naeding
by Jason Ginsberg April 23, 2006
steal in a takingly fashon, it is used to describe things whil in the process of gleeping them (plural of gleep)
hey, u want me to gleep you one of those dice, they are free
lets go gleeping
the cops are gonna catch me if i gleep this
by Jason Ginsberg April 23, 2006
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