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1 definition by Jason Charles Sobieski

A killer band duo consisting of two men (guitar, drums) who met in Basking Ridge, New Jersey during their sophomore year of high school. Name derived from the fact that both have the same first and middle names ("Jason" and "Charles," respectively). Notable performances include the Ridge High School Battle of the Bands '05 and other varied basement shows and gatherings. Irreverently referred to as "Jason Cookie" by some groups cautious to use the name of Jesus.

Recognized Hits:

1. "Todd" - JCP/JCS
2. "Elmo" - JCP/JCS
3. "Potato" - JCP/JCS
"YO!! Jesus Cookie rocked so hard last night that my face melted and I had to get reconstructive plastic surgery to look somewhat normal again!"
by Jason Charles Sobieski September 21, 2008