3 definitions by Jason Brown Bear

It's when you put poop IN your butt
Tom: "Hey where'd all my shit go?"
Larry: "Meryl was bizarro pooping again!"
Tom: "Merrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyl!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I liked the poop so much, I bizarro pooped right back up dere!"

The toilet wouldn't flush after I pooped, so I had to bizarro poop it, so no one would know about my horrible problem!
by Jason Brown Bear January 06, 2008
The act of pooping into the urethra of your penis, and then peeing out the poop as though it were a more viscous peepee. Poodanking is a solo act, involving the penis and pooper of a single poodanker.

Note: Poodanking is not a town in China.
I'll never poodank again!

Jenny (on phone): "What are you doing right now?"
Ted (on other end of phone): "Nothing."
Jenny: No, come on sugarbunny. Tell me what you are doing."
Ted: I...uh... how do I phrase this? I... uh... I'm shitting into my penis! And then releasing the sweet nectar as though it were urine of my own!"
Jenny: "Come again, Ted?"
Ted: "Jenny, I'm POODANKING!!!"
Jenny: *dialtone*........
by Jason Brown Bear January 06, 2008
The act of pooping, whilst, simultaneously, masturbating. This act is best accomplished on a toilet, or toilet-esque surface.
"I ate a lot of beans, and then I shatsturbated!"

Larry: "Wow, Turner, what's that smell coming from the bathroom? It smells of quando and poopy."
Turner: "Don't blame a brothah for shatsturbating. It's natchrill."
by Jason Brown Bear January 06, 2008

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