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Home, a.k.a. the best place on earth
Man I wish i was back home in cali instead of fucking indiana
by Jason A May 28, 2005
Noise that is pleasing to the ears.
"I listened to some music the other day and it was quite pleasing to my ears."
by Jason A June 01, 2005
What Japanese people do, because they're brothers.
by Jason A February 18, 2003
A small porous sack holding enough tea leaves to make an individual serving of tea.
by Jason A February 18, 2003
A rare form of the whale, when seen is usually seen eating the remains of baby boys.
by Jason A February 18, 2003
The large, soft, fluffy feathers found inside the foot of an egg.
These breasts are great when cooked.
by Jason A February 18, 2003

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