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Often used hand in hand with a phrase such as "Squirely" "Cheese-tacular" or "Supreme, brain imploding"

People who say "Random" a lot liek this word. Because It's fun. Now fear me and my UBERLY-PWNING-MUFFIN-DOOM!
"I'm gonna kick your ass at Quake today, you'll be crying for your mamma"
by Jasmine November 28, 2004
What every girl thinks they are
My name Bonkia aka Babygurl aka Babygirl aka BabyGurll
by Jasmine October 19, 2004
is a person that wears a head rap.
The person who blew up the plane was a taliban.
by Jasmine February 23, 2005
a palestinian G named murad
murad is a sand nigga
by jasmine March 26, 2005
An ugly bitch who stands on the corner so she can get money by fucking someone.
Yo mom :P
by Jasmine July 11, 2003
when you and/or your friends get "rolled on" by the police.
when you get caught by the cops.
"last night we got poed on while we were in the cemetery"

if you drink and drive you have the chance of getting poed on!
by jasmine July 23, 2004
A small county in North Carolina, located between Iredell and Davidson Counties. A very rural area, although it is steadily increasing in numbers, due to the rising Hispanic community. Separated into the "North" and the "South," where those in the north are considered rich and snobby, especially in the communites of Bermuda Run and Hillsdale, and those in the south are considered average, everyday people, those who have better things to do than complain about their Mercedes and BMW's not having enough gas.

The county is separated even more by towns, where the county seat is the town of Mocksville, and your trashier, skankier, and redneck-ier people reside in the town of Cooleemee. You also have Woodleaf, where it's just racist rednecks there.

There's absolutely NOTHING to do in Davie County, so most people either end up traveling to neighboring cities such as Statesville or Winston-Salem.
"Davie County has too many skanks there!!
by Jasmine February 03, 2005

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