38 definitions by Jasmine

the one boy group that can alwayz make you scream and dance.also the only boy group were everyone is so fine! and knows what a girl wants.
i love you b2k
by Jasmine August 07, 2003
when a woman masturbates with her foot while receiving anal sex.
Can I faux pasl you?
by jasmine May 31, 2003
something or someone thats not sweet.
anything that sucks. this has nothing to do with food.
when your boss asks you to work on saturday-thats unsweetened!
when somebody says something that you dont like, that comment would be unsweetened.
by jasmine July 23, 2004
suffix replacing -y
Makes the word you are saying sound cooler.
spiffy becomes spiffeh
tasty becomes taseh
funky becomes funkeh
by Jasmine November 28, 2004
bein ignorant/ rude
(1st person) fucked ur gurl last night
(2nd person) dats fuckin grimy i thought i was ur boy
by jasmine December 03, 2003
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