38 definitions by Jasmine

Confused with a little spice.
Man, that guy makes me so confizzled i don't know what to say to him!!
by Jasmine January 24, 2004
When some body talkin that stuff and all u gotta do is tell them..................SAVE IT........
Kesha was all up in Jasmin face and she just looked at her and stopped her in the middle of the sentence and said SAVE IT bitch!!!!!!
by Jasmine April 13, 2005
Usually a Punjabi male who lives at home with his parents, no ambition, no money, and has an overprotective mother who still does his laundry and cleans his room. Sometimes it could be viewed as some what of a oedipus complex.
Baepreet: Bruh, Chandi is such a sink boy.
Baeminder: Yeah, his mom just fed him some kheer.

by Jasmine October 20, 2014
to take hair away.
Megan Jud likes to dehair her legs w/ tweezers when she's bored.
by jasmine November 10, 2003
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