38 definitions by Jasmine

a hot new rap artist that is gonna make it to the top.
"Murphy Lee" says it all
by Jasmine August 07, 2003
$$$, there's jefferson, washington...
#1: *hands #2 some cash*
#2: "wrond president yo! hand me tha benjamins!"
by jasmine April 28, 2002
the defender of evil
oh shit it's efanar. run, bitch, run.
by Jasmine August 14, 2004
a house but is mostly used when someone is talkin like snoop dog "-izzle"
(a)What you doin?
(b)nothin, juss chillin in da hizzou.
by Jasmine August 09, 2004
Black slang for my girl or boyfriend is all that.
Girl,my boo is all that.
by jasmine November 06, 2004
Meaning cant belive
Omg...Tod said I was ugly,as if...
by Jasmine August 05, 2004
The place betwix the dingaling and the ball sac
Dingaling junction is great tasting and never lets you down.
by jasmine February 12, 2004

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