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the sploogal is any part if the inner body that could perhaps burst, the ass or the appendix or anything that is not feeling good on the insideof you.

Also a point of entry for ass bandits too.
Oh my god, if i dont chuck a shit soon I am going to burst my sploogal

That shit was so big that I thought my sploogal was going to rupture.

My boyfriend went for my sploogal last night and I had to put up with the pain.
by Jasmin Gartner May 25, 2005
the kind of Aids that you get from sharing needles

Similar to Gaids being Gay Aids
oh my god, I have naids! I never should have shared that needle with miles
by Jasmin Gartner May 16, 2005
the kind of aids that you get through a blood transfusion.

it is similar to Gaids and Naids but not as bad.
After Jonny had that blood transfusion years ago he contracted baids, they had not screened to blood properly, how unfortunate
by Jasmin Gartner May 16, 2005
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