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Shorter term for the word "Later" which most of us know as a way of saying goodbye.
y0 s0n i'm out. l8z.
by Jarulez April 06, 2005
Acronym for the saying: You're A Fag
Tommy: Hey you, come lick my balls.
Ralph: GMF, yaf.

*also see GMF for meaning.
by Jarulez April 16, 2005
Acronym for saying: No Thanks I'm Good
Jill: Hey, want to see my 260 lbs. ass nude pictures?
John: ntig
by Jarulez April 16, 2005
Acronym for the saying: GTFO My Face
Jake: Hey, please give me a 1337 b0x.
James: Nigga, gmf.
by Jarulez April 16, 2005
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