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The best newspaper editor on the west side. A genius. One who study's more than anything. Also is one that is part of some sort of soccer dynasty.

Smallest pimp of pimps.

Myth says he can run three times faster than any other human being...
1. Man this paper sucks, they should ask for some advice from little talavich.

2. Docta I got to go study like Little Talavich
by Jarrod W February 29, 2004
The healthest kid alive. One who works all the time and doesn't eat anything thats not green. Favorite beverage is water.

Plays more than one sport...soccer and basketball...good at both.

Can be a smart ass if one wants to.

Also known as samsonite.

Can turn on the pimp juice at any given point.
Docta eat some real food don't be like swandog.
by Jarrod W February 29, 2004
one without there license, that is 18.
1. Who's picking up shellfuk?
by Jarrod W February 29, 2004

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