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A sex act with one female and 2 or more males. When cumming you shoot a phat load into each of her ears causing her to be unable to hear. And then kicking her leg so she has limp.
Nayan and Mini gave patels Ex a deaf pirate the other day. Then both got one eyed pirate by Patel after he found out
by Jarrod January 31, 2005
Something you put over your foot so your foot doesn't smell.
I need a sock
by Jarrod February 05, 2003
a word i made up so people would stop saying "That is tight."
Man, that is WOoshwang
by Jarrod February 05, 2003
A home gameing console put out by Sony. Presents a medicore game library which consists of overhyped shortlived games, usually with no multiplayer and poor graphics.
Playstation 2 is Inferrior to the Microcosoft XBOX and Nintendo Gamecube in every way.
by Jarrod May 17, 2005
good looking...Alana Jones
Alana jones is so gorgeous
by Jarrod December 29, 2003
to quit doing something because it is not enjoyable
I initially was not interested in social psych because the prof dropped the content like it was hot!
by jarrod February 25, 2005
Any variety of products made by the company Puma.
Renee got some Pumas, and they are teh sex
by Jarrod January 07, 2004
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