2 definitions by Jarred Neuman

When one blowjob just isn't enough; when you are horny enough that you need to cum a 2nd time after the girl swallows your initial load of cum.
Natalie pulled away after I shot a load in her mouth, but then I pushed her head back down; I decided it was going to be a DOUBLE blowjob.
by Jarred Neuman December 04, 2011
When a woman is morally obligated to give a blowjob.
Generally, this occurs if:
- The male has asked for a blowjob
- The male has allowed the female to spend time with him
- The male is horny
male: "Ok, Jaimie, I have listened to your fucking story about your day, now you are BLOWJOBLIGATED to get on your knees and get to work."
female: "But... I don't want to..."
male: "you don't have a choice; it's your blowjobligation."
female: "oh, you're right. ok."
by Jarred Neuman December 05, 2011

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