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A sexual act with several steps.

1. Talk your partner into giving you 'road head', or performing oral sex on you while you drive his/her car.

2. During climax, yell 'GEE WHIZ MISTER McDEE!' and crash the car at high speed into a tree or other stationary object. Your seat belt should save you, but likely eject your lover from the vehicle.

3. Like Launchpad McQuack, walk away from the crash.
Before those detectives killed him, Phil had pulled the old Launchpad McQuack on eight different women around the Ruth Dykeman Center for runaway girls.
by Jaroferic January 10, 2012
A sex act where in the male lies on his back with the woman on top. While she's in the throes of pleasure, he removes an oyster from under the pillow and breaks it open on the side of her head.

After she leaves the apartment, he pushes all the furniture together to make a dam.
That insane hobo used to be a corporate VP before Phil performed an Angry Otter on her and made her have a stroke.
by Jaroferic May 25, 2011

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