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lived in chardon for 19 years...it is small town USA...the type of place that you always want to leave and then when you do you want to go back
home of a great public school football program
by jarod October 16, 2004
to love as a friend, but not as a lover
Jared wuvs his best friend amanda
by Jarod October 28, 2004
What I do to Will in UT2003
I am a poonzer Will, get with it
by Jarod November 12, 2004
The bestest, most wonderful, leetest gamer and teacher there is!!!
Wow, that Apostle r0xers. He kills me every round
by Jarod July 26, 2004
a 1 inch phalis shaped object that appears between the legs and secretes shmegma throughout the day
Jarod had to change his diaper every 3 hours because his shmlong kept leaking shmegma
by Jarod February 28, 2005

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