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pop a chub means to have an erection or get a boner
Doran popped a chub while grindin all up on dat bitch.
Aww shit son lookin at yo bitch makes me pop a chub like none other.
Will's mom made me pop the biggest chub ever.
Jarid is well known for poppin the biggest chubs ever
by Jarid September 04, 2006
the act of farting in the girl's face while recieving a blow job.
Yo man last night i was gettin this mean blowjob from Megan and i forgot about the bowl of chili i had earlier that day and i let out a huge harlem heater right in her face.
by Jarid March 04, 2007
tripple whopper with no pickles or mustard
o nigga grab me one of them trip whop no pick no musts
by Jarid May 10, 2006

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