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Legendary rappers that put Houstan Texas on the map. One of the most important groups in Music history
"Watcha listnin to"
"Oh, the Geto Boys"
" The Who...."
by Jared Rogers April 18, 2005
A variation of the drive by where instead of just shooting the target, you shoot up the whole block the target is on.
"Fuck em' lets do it Cali style"
by Jared Rogers April 18, 2005
A term commonly used by people who are not from Cinncinati, but not uncommon for natives to use
"Welcome to the nati'. Now please remove them jewels please."
by Jared Rogers April 18, 2005
an overexageration of the term "wha"
Only to be used in incredibly unbealivable situations
Normal situation
"hey todd?"
Incredibly unbealivable situation
"Hey Todd"
"I know shes like seven but...me and your sis...
by Jared Rogers March 29, 2005
When a female is so poor looking she resembles the Gar fish
DAMN....dat bitch be...ugh...Gar'd out!!
by Jared Rogers April 20, 2005
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