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An incredible movie about a man who ages backward who falls in love with a women who ages normally. It's a simple, yet haunting plot and leaves the audience in tears at the end.
I saw The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button...and I wish I had a cleanex box with me. :(. But it was great!
by Jaques Pellegrino May 15, 2009
It's the state of being when you do something very very well. Particularly at a sport, like in Soccer when you score a goal and you do a dance and scream, "I'm on FI-YAH!"
Come on dude, don't do the Fi-Yah! dance. You didn't even score a bloody goal...
by Jaques Pellegrino May 14, 2009
The simple definition of everything incredible that goes on in everyday life, when your very bored.
I was just sitting there sealing five million stamps--man it was boring, when, FWIZZAM! It happened...
by Jaques Pellegrino May 14, 2009
Hiyah!! is a word that is awesome and I am severely dissapointed it hasn't been defined yet. It is the noise that can be found in many of the Bruce Lee movies, Chuck Norris movies, and for some reason, lots of hollywood comedies. Hollywood uses it as special affect to add character to when Chuck is beating the living daylights out of the bad guys.
Did you see walker texas ranger yesterday? Chuck kicked the badden in fifty bajillion different dimensions! And he screamed "Hiyah!!" as he did so!
by Jaques Pellegrino May 14, 2009

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