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When the testicles become itchy and a scratch is needed. IBS stands for itchy ball syndrome. Only happens in males.
Person 1; I have ibs today

person 2: would you like me to help?

Person 3: I know someone who can help with your Itchy Ball Syndrome.
by Japher February 03, 2010
A language for only the most intellectual of people. It is one of the languages in the world that is easier to write than to say. It consists of thinking of what to say then saying it backwards but in the same word order. There is some secret and complex grammar but you have to be an expert to use it. For example hello would be olleh.Germain is the only word that is said like English
Person 1: olleh woh era ouy yadot?
Person 2: I ma yrev doig knaht ouy dna I evol gnikaeps Germain!
by Japher January 27, 2010
Stop searching your name you sad gay boy! Just cos sparks has Annabelle!!!
I feel like some (sweet and sour) today
quote Harvey bracher
by Japher January 26, 2010

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