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A Cow that fleis through the world with a silver foot as it's guide. It has no mother or father as it was a clone made from the poop of another cow. He sometimes fights the evil squirrels of Gogo Bootopolis. He is the leader of a major religion (Cowism maybe you have heard of it).
WORSHIP THE COw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by JapanLover September 30, 2004
Like awesome but a million times cooler. It's right up there with uber and kabooble. Yep. I think captain Kirk used to say it...a lot. So did Mr.Spork..errr...Spock..or Spoke...or Spore...You get the idea...
Full Power To The Awxome Drive!
by japanlover October 09, 2004
It is a pancake substitute pantented by those waffle people inc. It sometimes used like monkey potatoe stuff, I don't know.
Son Of A Glooop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by JapanLover September 30, 2004
A word often said by animals in the animal forest. Limberg the rat likes to say it in NewTokyo. It's meaning is somewhat unclear but it is usually used after a sentence. Like huh.
I love cheese,japoopo.

This is my favorite battle chip,huh.
by JapanLover September 25, 2004
One totally awxome dude who can teleport and do awxome ninja moves and fly and stuff. He can also bake cookies and eat yummy chinese food. Did I mention he can fly?
Wow that guy like totally put a hurtin on my vans new phat paint job. I bet it was japanlover. Wow. Did you know he can fly?
by japanlover October 09, 2004
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