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An archetypal American elderly man who inexplicably finds himself in Japan.
"Is he married to a Japanese woman?" "No, I think he's just another Professor Gardner."
by Jaolo March 03, 2008
A K-ris is a man whose only growth of body hair is confined to his legs, where hair down there grows so thick and luxurious that no skin is able to show.
I was in the ofuro and that K-ris shit was beastly.
by Jaolo March 03, 2008
A serious Japanese hard liquor, that costs slightly over $2.00, and comes in a nondescript plastic container. The most notable thing is the taste, which is so fucking aweful that one would surmise that it has abortive qualities...which would be the best quality that comes to mind after drinking it.
That story Jake told me was so intense I just had to drink a bottle of Back-Alley Abortion.
by Jaolo March 03, 2008

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