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The politically correct term for "wigger". Just like Negro is the PC term for "n*gger". Also called a Wegroid.
There are too many damned Wegroes in my town.
by Jannine December 16, 2003
A hairstyle worn by men who are balding in the middle of their head. The hair is grown long on one side of the head, and then combed over the bald spot and sprayed stiff, to cover up the bald spot.
That geezer's comb-over makes him look like he actually has hair!
by Jannine December 25, 2003
see wigger and wegro. Wegroid = White Negroid.
That cracker may think he's ghetto, but he's just some Wegroid who grew up in suburban Ohio.
by Jannine December 16, 2003
A person who drives fast and wakes up and smokes a fat bowl to his head. And also listens to death-metal, and writes in script.
"Hey skrypto, do you have the hook up?"
Holla if you hear me, UHHHHHH!!
by Jannine December 25, 2003

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