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2 definitions by Jankster

Female self-satisfaction.
Kristi loves to jill-off while I kiss her feet and rub my cock.
by Jankster June 16, 2003
Ace is somebody (probably a male) who is suave and horny but good at getting it taken care of. can also be used in terms of "Aceswild." can be connected to a poker game and the face of the person about to get the pot and take somebody completely by surprise. usually involves a sly smirk. a couple of uses so you get the picture:
Mike: that chick had no idea what was coming her way but she wasn't about to back down to me. ACED.
Shane: ACES bud!
Mike: well you now how i am. as Ace as they come.
by Jankster December 21, 2005