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Noun. A suburb of Houston and also a state of mind. Where nice people from the city are banished to when they have a baby and can't afford/cope with Memorial. Full of lot-line-to-lot-line red brick Georgians, Home Depots and Olive Gardens. High suicide rate. Where Maids and Nannies don't speak English.
Virginia: Did you hear? Prissy and Hank are going to have a baby.
Steve: Does that mean they have to go to Sugar Land?
Virginia: Afraid so.
Steve: Damn. They seemed like nice people..
by JaniceH July 10, 2008
Noun. A married man who pays high priced whores for "companionship" with hopes of getting caught thus covering up the fact to colleagues, family, the press, and sometimes himself that he is really a big homo.
Anderson: Great interview with Dick Morris. Is it really true what they say about him?
Shep: Duh. He's a big Ho-Mo from way back. So what are you doing this weekend - I've got Rupert's place on The Cape...?
Anderson: Wish I could kitten, but I gotta go to Newport and feed Mummy her scotch...
by JaniceH July 10, 2008

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