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The other author (superhero boy) of the definition of "googleplex" is wrong on a few things.

1. The word is Googol, not "Google", and Googolplex, not "googleplex".
2. His nephew, Milton Sirotta, was the one who asked what the number was called and ended up naming it.
3. Milton Sirotta was 9, not 6.
Know what you are talking about before posting on Urban Dictionary.
by Jani Green April 14, 2005
10^Googol (Ten to the Googol power), or 10^10^100. In decimal form, a Googolplex is a 1 followed by a Googol of zeroes. It is physically impossible to write out or type out this number, even if all the matter in the universe was transformed into ink and paper or data disks.

Source: www.wikipedia.org
Googolplex is the largest named real number ever created.
by Jani Green April 14, 2005
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