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The worship of people who are assholes in order to get ahead
Mark: Jared left his new bride in Cabo to come back early and work on the BigJugs account! Phelps said he had to.

Steve: God, Jared will do ANYTHING to get ahead. He is so in to assholatry.
by JanevonMises February 15, 2010
The condition of unstable mental health that occurs over time to overly religious women. Often, as their children grow up, these women begin refusing to have sex with their partners and then subliminate that desire into religious fervor. Many hope to restore their virgin state this way.

It was often their virginity, coupled with a heavy religious background, that attracted their husbands to them in the first place.
His wife suffers from virginsanity. She won't have sex with him any more because it's not holy and she wants to become a born-again virgin.
by JanevonMises December 09, 2009
Tool that can be used to block or limit access to websites such as parental controls or corporate IT controls. Can also be a verb as in to cyber nanny by blocking access to websites
Dude! Check out the video of the humping monkeys on YouTube.

Can't, dude. The company has a Cyber Nanny and blocks any site like that.
by JanevonMises December 09, 2009
Regnegotiating the exiting pre nuptial agreement in light of revelations that the richer spouse has been caught cheating with a number of hostess skanks.
The pre-nup was only good for $20 million in the event of divorce. However, once her husband was caught cheating with a number of women, she is asking her lawyer to draw up a re-nup and renegotiate how much she will get for staying in the marriage, and how much MORE she will get int the event of divorce.
by JanevonMises December 07, 2009
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