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Gettysburg, PA. More specifically, Gettysburg College where the wild party scene has earned the school the nickname G-Vegas. While the origin of this nickname remains unknown, scholars maintain that it began somewhere in the late 1990's or early 2000's when the school's men's lacrosse program was becoming a national powerhouse. It was these lax bros, famous for both their dominance on the playing field and in the party scene, that it is believed came up with the nickname. Locations at Gettysburg College famous for bringing this nickname to prominence include TKE, Phi Delt Water Parties, lax parties at the Big Gay Mansion, ATO, and Mamma's.

While this site seems to define G-Vegas as some inbred hick town in the Carolina's, any true bro knows that the real G-Vegas is Gettysburg. If anyone from one from Greenville wants to dispute this, any Gettysburg student would gladly buy them and their entire city.
Poor kid: I'm going to visit my sister in G-Vegas this weekend.
Lax bro 1: I thought your sister went to East Carolina?
Lax bro 2: Isn't everyone at that school on welfare?
by Janet Morgan Riggs December 04, 2010

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