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7 definitions by Janessa

Twizala - A sexy sophisticated woman
The song Twizala by Housto
by Janessa October 01, 2004
26 5
The second most wonderful messy useful product on the planet earth. (The first being chocolate)
Squirt that bottle of astroglide and get that hot body moving baby!
by Janessa July 29, 2003
48 31
A place where all the customers want everything for free or cheaper even though wal-mart price cuts every other company out of business by being so cheap in there products prices and how they treat their employee's and ass. Lisa's a whore monkey.
Wal-mart customers stampede over the door greeters then complain that they tripped because of the workers.
by Janessa August 04, 2003
40 31
The word "sperm" spoken with a new york accent.
Heas what went down, I drank a tonna Mountain Dew, so my spoim count is lowah cuzza the yellow numba five they add in for the coluh.
by janessa July 29, 2003
14 5
Really crappy. Of shit. Sucky. Shitty. Crappy.
Great, I missed the bus again, this is just craptastic.
by janessa July 28, 2003
8 13
Ones sister who is on the rag and therefore is being a bitch.
"I had to take the bus cuz my douche ass sister wouldn't give me a ride."
by janessa July 29, 2003
22 31
see ya wouldn't wanna be ya can't please ya
You suck, so, sywwbycpy!!
by janessa July 29, 2003
2 20