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one who doesn't do anything but smoke herb all day
you're a loser dude
by janelle November 27, 2003
A royal or special girl that tends to be pretty, rich, and spoiled.
Paris Hilton is a heiress.
by Janelle November 13, 2004
short for: what ever.
well' what eva! no big.
by janelle March 26, 2005
Nicest long lost lil bro evar!
Pallav is my long lost lil bro. He's very small and cute.
by Janelle July 26, 2003
when u have to poo really really bad and u can't hold it in.
omg! im goin to frinoo all over you!
by janelle November 27, 2003
a combination of the words "skank" and "hoocie"
janelle called mallory a scoochie in geography today.
by Janelle May 20, 2003
blowing ass, when there is a really bad stench
oh, one time when i tiz go golfing, i tiz fut fut on but toe knee and she tiz fall over and die. OoOoOo
by janelle November 27, 2003
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