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The way gay ppl who think they're cool say party.
Person: Hey let's go to the partay!
Other Person: Hey you're gay!
by Janeeelll June 27, 2006
All the Southern stereotypes alive in one place. I hate it when ppl stereotype the South but i have to say, when i visited Knoxville i saw all of those stereotypes first hand. Im from Memphis and were not nearly as redneck & hillbillish as those folks in Knoxville. It seems like the further east you go in TN, the more redneck it gets. Here in West TN, we have rednecks, but they're nice looking and well dressed. But the rednecks in East TN are basically what everyone thinks of when you hear the word redneck. I saw the ugliest ppl on earth over there. Its probably a result of the inbreeding that went on in East TN. Now im not saying that all the ppl in Knoxville are ugly, but most of the ppl i ran into were ugly. I was prolly in an ugly part of town. I kno every city has an ugly part of town, but these ppl were beyond any kind of ugly i've seen over here.
I went to Knoxville and saw ppl that looked deformed. Seriously.
by Janeeelll June 27, 2006
Bay Area in Memphis is another name for Frayser, which is north of downtown and east of Raleigh. It is home to rappers such as Three Six Mafia, Frayser Boy, 8 Ball & MJG, and many others. Lil Wyte is NOT from Frayser. He is actually from Shebly Forest which is a rural area north of Frayser. He just hung out in Frayser sometimes so he claims he's from there, but dont let him fool you.

Bay Area in Cali is whack as hell. Some ppl like to make it seem hood, but in reality its not. Sure there may be some ghetto parts, but as a whole the Bay Area in Cali is mostly white & liberal. Home to a large gay population, and tree huggers. Im sorry but its tru and you know it. So stop hating on Bay Area Memphis.

What do ppl think about when they hear San Francisco??

What do ppl think about when they hear Memphis??

Bay Area in Memphis is 100X realer than Bay Area Cali.
by Janeeelll June 27, 2006

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