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When a person of the male gender whips it out without permission and expects sexual acts in return. This can be done either with or without the proverbial wink and nod, although the wink and the nod has been proven to work more effectively in the males favor.
When Dirty Tommy drove me home, he just whipped it out and just expected me to go to town, but when Kevin whipped it out and gave me a wink and a nod, I gave him the best he's ever had.
by janedoe February 08, 2006
Any phone calls placed after 2am to the opposite sex in order to engage in sexual activity, even though the caller never admits that is the real reason for the call.
Witek only calls me after the bar closes around 2am and threatens to hang up on me when I don't go over to his house. (Polish Booty Call)
by janedoe February 07, 2006
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