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The celebration of a bearded man called Jesus Christ, who died on a cross and rose again, resulting in future workplaces and schools closing while people eat chocolate Easter eggs.
Hey! Put down that tax return and have an egg! It's Easter!
by Jane Wellington January 05, 2004
Term used by Australian university students, in a way of saying, "Oh dear, that's no good". It's also kind of like the expression, "Shit eh?"
Bobby: I failled the exam and then I tripped down the stairs.
Fran: Unlucky.
by Jane Wellington January 05, 2004
Jimmy Barnes, or "Barnsey" was a singer in a popular 70s/80s pub rock band called "Cold Chisel". His loud, raspy, screaming vocals could be heard down the end of the street by the time he became a successful solo artist in his own right during the 80s and early 90s. His loud pub rock music and mullet hairdo was, and still is popular with many Australian yobbo types who like cricket and footy and beer and steak.
Well the last train out of Sydney's almost gone.

Whoa, he's a working class man.
by Jane Wellington January 05, 2004
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