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A weird person that doesn't need drugs to get high, but can just dance him- or herself high, much the way children sometimes will by spinning around on a tire swing, a merry-go-round, or even their own feet. Drug dealers hate them because they don't need drugs to get high.
"I've heard of her. Some armed lesbian pagan anarchist right? Hey, at least she's not a cop."

"No, man, she's a total dervish, and she's just getting back from a rave."

"Ah, shit, let's duck before she sees us!"

"Too late, she just jumped through our window laughing like a loon. At least she's topless."

"Damn dervishes, always fucking things up."
by Jane Cochran June 08, 2006
An author for TSR/Wizards of the Coast that made many contributions to their roleplaying games before he moved on and made even better contributions to his family and friends.
Come Thanksgiving, I'll have to list Roger Moore as someone I'm thankful for.
by Jane Cochran May 09, 2005
Penguin Lover. One who has an unseemly attraction to flightless waterfowl.
Keep the penguins locked up, or some Roger Moore will be giving them chlamydia again.
by Jane Cochran May 09, 2005
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