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Imposing on, attributing to or confusing your feelings, thoughts, or judgments with someone else's, especially in certain areas or topics.
My mother tells me to put on a sweater when she's cold, or to stop eating when she's full, my husband always speaks in the "Royal We," and my best friend criticizes my values - these are boundary issues.
by Jane Adams May 08, 2005
The act of disregarding, invading or ignoring someone else's psychological, emotional boundaries; boundary invasion.
Judging or criticizing another person's thoughts, feelings or values:
"You don't really feel that way, you just think you do."
by Jane Adams May 08, 2005
Ability to manage the three dimensions of one's psychological boundaries (permeability, flexibility and complexity) in relationships with other people.
"She doesn't know where she ends and I begin, psychologically speaking, because she has no boundary intelligence."
by Jane Adams May 08, 2005

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