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if your a man your penus gets hard and stiff. With a woman your pussie gets wet and slippery and uncomfortable. Horniness can only be solved by having sex or masturbation. Both are fun!!!! (yes i am a slut XD) note to #6: I read your example every day and it makes me very hot and sweaty and horny and sexy. I have sex dreams about my a mystery hot teacher and then I have sex very nice immagination you have!!! Wanna do it?? Any who you get horny when who are attracted to someone who is sexy and hot or when you want to have sex. Or when something turns you on.
A very attractive slut(Jane)in hardly any clothes with big breasts and ass walks by John and he gets an erection. She looks at him and comes over. She sticks her hand in his pants and massages his penus. But she gets too horny she whispers into his ear "follow me hot stuff!" She brings John into her apartment. She invites him over to her bed, jumps on, pats on the bed next to her. She takes off her clothes slowly, then takes off his clothes and pushes him under her. She sticks his penus into her pussie and pushes it up and down his dick very fast. Her wet and slippery vagina is pleasing to him. She starts to moan intensly and very loudly. John is very pleased he releases his cum into her vagina; she screams with pleasure. He watches as her tits bounce up and down as she pumps up and down his penus. His dick slowly goes back to normal size as she guides her pussie off of him. She them makes him get dressed and leave. She gives him a french kiss and grab of his nuts. She closes the door and smiles. She is very pleased and is excited because he may know where she lives but doesn't know her real phone number. And he is shocked by the wonderfully sexy woman he just fucked. He looks at her phone number she wrote on his hand and highly disbelieves that it really is hers.
I hope this story gets you all horny because I'm not really that good in english. Well it gets me horny. So there HA!!
by Jane *wink wink* August 18, 2006

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