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also known as drunk escapades
On one of Mark's awesome drunkapades he scaled a 9 story building; good thing that he had been drinking, otherwise he'd have been too scared.
#drunk escapades #druncapades #drunkcapades #fun times with inebration #celebration station
by Jana Christensen May 20, 2007
A situation that was thought by one party as hanging out between friends is actually a date in disguise.
Angela: So you know how I was going to hang out with Dave and his friends last night?

Jess: Yeah?

Angela: It was a total Sneak-A-Date! His friends didn't show up and he ended up taking me out to a movie where he tried putting the moves on me

Jess: Lame.
#date #sneak #lame #hanging out #grey area
by Jana Christensen November 22, 2007
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