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When the anal cavity is penetrated with such viciousness that it pulls the rectal out; creating a hemroid that resembles the top of a muffin that is bloody and crusty with semen.
Mahyn, I just got the worst crusty blood muffin.
by Jamoocaba February 04, 2010
Where an individual has been traumatized in the genital area;(male). As a result of the trauma, the testicle then moves from the scrotum sack up to the mouth, usually in pieces with a root beer like consistency. The individual usually displays seizure like movements until the testicle has left the mouth.
My god you just gave jon the triplet a fuggle nut cody!
by Jamoocaba November 26, 2007
Where your shit is so massive that when pulled back by the flush it clogs the hole. However, it allowed just enough suction to spin the toilet paper, and eventually the shit paper cyclones itself down on the end of the turd creating a turban turd.
Oh my Christ who dropped a turbin turd in here!
by Jamoocaba May 15, 2010
The beautiful act of placing small candy such as milk duds into your asshole. You then have that special someone tongue them out of your rectum.
Oh gurl I'm a hankerin' for some weasel treats. Get Get Get it girl!
by Jamoocaba May 15, 2010

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