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3 definitions by Jamon26

<Noun> A wretched state of mind stoners encounter when too high and their remote to the TV won't work; usually stuck on the worst infomercial ever made. These fools are too lazy to get up to change the channel and are thus, in a torturous place because they are forced to watch bad television.
Jay accidentally stepped on the remote so he and Miller were stuck watching Oxy Clean infomercials all night long. They were condemned to weed purgatory.
by Jamon26 July 14, 2008
The apparatus used to measure the magnitude of a girthquake. Similar to the Richter Scale used in Seismology.
Jay's girthquake measured 8.0 on the dichter scale and had Jill screaming for more.
by Jamon26 April 29, 2008
<Verb> The act of blowing a joke or a rip, usually by sputtering out sentence fragments or by stuttering. This usually leads to laughter by one's friends and extreme embarrassment to the person who 'derailed.' The offender will stay very quiet for a long period of time following one of these outbursts.
"Man, you're so stupid when god handed out brains you thought he said trains...and you went...and got on...and went for a ride...wait....goddammit!!!"

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HOLY SHIT, you're retarded!! Nice derail, Jay!!"
by Jamon26 February 16, 2010