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"Get chu some" is a phrase that has come to be popular in many facets of our everyday lives. Most particular, it is a phrase that is used when talking about another person getting ass.However, in general "Get Chu Some" (abbreviated "gcs") is said to someone who is bettering himself by acquring....

b)any sexual act
c)too much of the blunt
d)too much of the pizza
e)too much of really anything

* When using this phrase for A and B, "Get Chu Some" is usually said with excitement and emotion for the other person acquiring the pussy, ass, or sexual act. However C,D,E is used in a sarcastic tone as if to say "Dude you have gotten enough of that blunt, now pass that shit." OR "Sure dude take all the pizza you want, you fucking fat ass".

Note: When talking about getting ass, "get chu some" is usually preceded with the phrase "oh baby..." or proceded by the word "baby".
Example 1:

-"Yo, so last night I took this foinnne girl back to the crib, ate her box, then pounded her out for about 2 hours. Yeah im the man, i know i know...."
-"OH BABY! Get chu some!!"

Example 2:
- (Joe shmoe holding the blunt for upwards of 2 minutes)
- "Get chu some bro."

Example 3 (For use via Text Message):
-"Yo I just got 4 car bombs at the bar upstairs, where are you?"
- "Hopped in a cab with a lady friend...headin home now"
-"GCS, my brotha, GCS."
by Jamon Mang November 25, 2009
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