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Indoor Baseball, You get a home run for every item of value broken.
Guy- My ma's gonna kill me!
Guy 2- Why's that?
Guy- we were playing Placeball and I broke the TV
by Jammers90 June 13, 2007
1. An object that's broken

2. Completely blind drunk

3. Instant mash potato
1. Guy- We were playing Placeball and I smashed my ma's best vase!

2. Guy- Jesus, everyone in Bristol on friday night were absolutely smashed!

3. Guy- Have you seen that crap ad for Smashed Mash potato?
Other guy- Why should I care?
by Jammers90 June 13, 2007
Where to begin... To start with you are in the game, and if you aren't thinking about it, you aren't in the game. If you do think about not thinking about it, you're back in the game. Oh and you cannot win the game. Yeah, it is that damn annoying and immature. Tell a friend!
I told Jim about the game 3 days ago, and now he's gone insane.
by Jammers90 June 25, 2007
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