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An exclamation that means “Check out my awesomeness.” Pronounced to rhyme with “cow” or “how,” usually precedes “How ya like me now?” Sometimes used by white people in conjunction with their attempt to throw a gang sign.
Joey: “Holy shit, you just attempted a 1080 triple Annheuser on your last snowboard jump, and you stuck it!”
Fred: “Bleow.”
by JammasterJ January 11, 2013
An Integra that has been soo modified, and is so JDM it now is called and Integera.
Gawker: Dude, your Integra is hella clean.

Acura Owner: Dis not Integra ju N00b, dis is a sooo JDM Integera! yu hav NO idea!
by JamMasterJ October 30, 2007
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